Recording: Indonesia’s New Energy Paradigm Digital Series

A joint production from Enlit Asia and partners MKI, this series will highlight PLN’s New Paradigm, the organisation’s latest strategy to drive core areas of Indonesia’s energy transition. Featuring interviews with senior PLN representatives and panel discussions around key topics, Indonesia’s New Energy Paradigm series provides unique insights and unveils a wealth of opportunities in ASEAN’s largest energy market.

Beginning with a broad overview of the New Paradigm, the series then deep dives into the key pillars of the New Paradigm and the opportunities for investment from both domestic and international players. After an exclusive interview with PLN’s President Director to open the series, each subsequent episode will open with an in-depth interview with a senior PLN representative to explore a core pillar of the New Paradigm. This will be followed by a discussion on the topic at hand with insights from PLN and senior stakeholders from the Indonesian and international power and electricity sector.

Recording: Episode 3: Creating PLN’s Digital Future

Digital technologies are changing the face of the power industry but a coherent strategy is required to fully capitalise on the myriad benefits digitalisation offers. This interview will outline how digital technology features within PLN’s New Paradigm and highlight where the organisation sees maximum benefit to their existing and future operations, driving their investment strategy in the short- to medium-term.

Digitalising PLN will have significant benefits to the Indonesian power and electricity sector. The subsequent panel discussion will explore the solutions available to PLN that will facilitate their digital transformation. Sharing their experiences, our panel of experts will highlight how these digital technologies can improve PLN’s operations, current and future, providing greater efficiency and understanding of the demands their systems are experiencing and enabling a greater customer focus.

Recording: Episode 4: How does PLN Successfully Transition to Smart Grid & 4.0 Technologies?

Smart Grids are a critical tenet within the digitalisation pillar of PLN’s New Paradigm. The opening interview will take a deep dive into PLN’s smart grid strategy and how the implementation of smart grids across Indonesia will facilitate the transition to renewable energy, while also helping to ensure a more reliable supply of power to a country plagued by blackouts, driving economic growth. The conversation will also focus on PLN’s Technology Road Map and the where PLN expects to see the greatest gains from smart grid implementation.

The subsequent panel discussion, featuring PLN and regional and international stakeholders, will explore the lessons learned in smart grid implementations globally and how effectively managing the data gathered can make or break in achieving significant ROI on smart grid investment. The panel will also explore how smart grids and renewable energy come together and facilitate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Episode 5: Creating a Roadmap to RE Implementation in Indonesia: Achieving 23% by 2025

Indonesia’s energy policy calls for 23% renewables in the national energy mix by 2025. This is an ambitious target considering it missed its 2019 target by just over 5%, achieving only 12.36% last year. However, the Indonesian government is pushing ahead with reforms to jump-start the transition to renewable energy and green power is at the heart of the New Paradigm. A deep dive interview will explore the current renewable energy frameworks and PLN’s renewable energy strategy; how will they play their part in driving considerable RE growth over the next 5 years?

In a far-reaching panel, speakers from across the region’s renewable energy sector will examine where the opportunities for RE growth lie in Indonesia. Supportive policy and regulatory environment are critical enablers in RE adoption, this panel will highlight where greater support is needed to help achieve the 23% target. Speakers will also explore the capacity for C&I energy users to reduce their carbon footprint through captive power projects and the role of technology in supporting the switch to lower-carbon energy solutions.

Episode 6: Technologies Supporting the Full Electrification of Indonesia

100% electrification is a key target for PLN and the Indonesian government, in line with the UN’s SDG7. Distributed Energy and microgrids have been put forward by some as the answer to achieving 100% electrification, playing a significant role in the development of not just Indonesia’s energy systems, but the ASEAN region as a whole. As an archipelagic state, Indonesia is ideally placed to realise the potential of Distributed Energy; in this interview, PLN will share their plans for 100% electrification and the support they are providing low-income areas to ensure affordable energy solutions

In the panel discussion, expert speakers will discuss the rise of microgrid technology and how these can be adopted to best suit PLN’s needs. Sometimes seen as a threat to national utilities’ existing business models, the discussion will provide insights into how PLN’s business models can be adapted to view the adoption of distributed energy and microgrids as an opportunity on which to capitalise.

Episode 7: Supporting Indonesia’s Energy Sector Growth Through Domestic & International Investment

Indonesia needs US$36.95 billion to achieve its new and renewable energy mix target, such a figure requires significant investment from both domestic and international stakeholders. In the short-term, the availability and cost of capital have been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 situation while longer-term, the regulatory and legal frameworks will, of course, play a major role in investment decisions with Indonesia competing against fellow ASEAN nations in one of the hottest energy markets globally.

In this discussion, speakers will highlight the opportunities for investment across the country’s power and electricity sectors, in line with the government’s energy strategy and PLN’s New Paradigm, whilst also sharing their views on the barriers investors face when considering Indonesia’s power sector and the appetite for investment in the country under the current legal and regulatory frameworks.

Episode 1: PLN’s New Paradigm

Launching the series, this interview with PLN’s President Director will provide a detailed insight into PLN’s New Paradigm.

The President Director will present presenting the core pillars of the strategy, Green, Lean, Customer Focus and Digital and what they mean for Indonesia’s power industry, and the opportunities it provides for investment from both domestic and international stakeholders.

Episode 2: How can Coal-fired Generation Remain Relevant in a Changing Energy Landscape?

Coal will continue to play a significant role in Indonesia’s energy mix for the foreseeable future, providing jobs, energy security and base-load power.

And so, while the New Paradigm focuses primarily on Indonesia’s transition to a cleaner, smarter, energy future, coal’s importance in the power conversation cannot be ignored.

This interview and discussion will examine how coal-fired plants can fit into a lower carbon energy strategy with investment in the right technologies.

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