Oil and Gas Energy Transition

Evolution and revolution of the energy system – GE Gas Power

Terry Raddings, Business Development Manager at GE Gas Power Systems, shares insights into GE’s position in the energy ecosystem and highlights customer pain points and experiences.


Siemens Energy Europe Energy Talks, Frankfurt

On Demand: What is Europe’s role in the energy transition? – Europe Energy Talks

You are invited to join Europe Energy Talks hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, which will see experts discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in view of the expanding energy crisis in Europe.
gas platform

How process electrification can complement natural gas

There is an opportunity for natural gas to position itself as a flexibility enabler, write Eric Koenig and Shailesh Chetty of Schneider Electric.
oil rig

North Sea decarbonisation needs a clear vision and an attitude change

Climate and energy security goals are at risk in the UK, Norway and Denmark due to a lack of clear net zero strategies and in some instances due to governmental and societal attitudes.
Hyperlight's system is based on Geological Thermal Energy Storage (GeoTES) technology

What does bedrock have in common with a billion Tesla Powerwalls?

The answer lies in decarbonisation and there is one company looking to geological formations to drive net zero ambitions.
Five digital trends for the oil and gas sector

Five digital trends for the oil & gas sector

How sector must embrace big data analytics, 3D printing, robotics and more.
wind energy

ExxonMobil joins non-profit group to drive next-gen wind turbine solutions

ExxonMobil’s Mobil brand has joined APQP4Wind, a non-profit organisation founded by wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers to champion quality and standardisation across the industry.