Decentralized Energy

Off-grid hydrogen firm bags £36m from funding heavyweights

GeoPura wins investment from GM Ventures, Barclays and Siemens Energy Ventures to scale hydrogen power technology.


A digital platform to aid Germany’s heat transition

German digital grid innovator DigiKoo and E.ON subsidiary Intertrust have unveiled the Heat Concept service at DTECH, taking place in San Diego, California this week.
Siemens Energy: Sector coupling, carbon capture & grid stabilization equipment: energy transition game changers?

Sector coupling and grid stabilization: energy transition essentials

Siemens Energy Experts highlight sector coupling and grid stabilization as possible game changers for the energy transition.

Microgrid to power entire US town during an outage

A microgrid has been placed into service in the town of Hot Springs, North Carolina, US, that will be able to power the entire town during an outage.

Ukraine signs pact for powerships to ease its energy woes

JSC Energy Company of Ukraine and Karpowership will fast track the use of floating power stations to alleviate the nation's energy crisis.

JFK Terminal deploys solar microgrid to mitigate potential grid outages

A solar microgrid at the New Terminal One at JFK International Airport aims to bring clean energy and resilience to the busy airport.
Renewable tech firm hires former Google CIO Ben Fried

Renewable tech firm Zola hires former Google CIO to boost offgrid solutions

Technology architecture specialist recruited to boost solutions of offgrid solar and storage company.