Recording: Indian Energy Transition 2.0 ” The New Paradigm

Launching the Expert Talk series, this live interview with EESL’s Managing Director, Mr Saurabh Kumar will provide a detailed insight on the biggest impact areas, roadblocks & emerging opportunities for the Indian Power & Utilities industry in the post COVID world.

Mr Kumar joins Mr Gaurav Bhatiani, Director (Energy & Environment), RTI International India to discuss how the crisis has affected ongoing projects, the measures industry has taken to mitigate their business & operational risks, the availability of capital for decarbonisation and the emerging bright spots in India’s power sector for both domestic and international stakeholders.

The Expert Talk Series is brought to you by POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week in association with Smart Energy International & Power Engineering International. The series aims to provide industry leaders and their extended teams regular insights, expert viewpoints and thought leadership content from not just government and financial institutions but also their counterparts from global utility industry; helping them navigate this current socio-economic upheaval.

Each episode would feature key insights and expert opinions on what’s ahead for energy markets, geopolitics and the global economy, helping professionals stay in touch with the industry and its global developments.

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