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‘Shock therapy’ spurs the rise of next generation renewables investors

Corporate buyers turn to long-term clean energy PPAs to hedge against rising and volatile electricity prices  The number and volume of renewable energy power purchase agreements remained stable last year thanks to corporate buyers turning...

Does Europe’s energy market design need reforming?

As Europe’s electricity prices soar, the European Commission is considering whether the energy market design is fit for purpose. Governments are weighing market interventions such as price caps and decoupling wholesale power and gas...
Hydrogen blending might lead to gas infrastructure updates

Uniper weighs nationalisation amid energy market turmoil

German gas importer Uniper is flirting with nationalisation as the company suffers the longstanding financial consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Gas and power prices continue to soar due to Ukraine conflict

Wholesale gas prices in Europe reached record levels in the first quarter this year as a result of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
UK German interconnector

Key milestone reached for Anglo-German interconnector

NeuConnect has awarded key contracts to the value of approximately £1.5 billion, a key milestone in the progress of the project.
What happens when energy supply company ceases to trade?

What happens when an energy supply company goes under?

As several energy firms collapsed this year, a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) was appointed to ensure customers stay supplied. But what does this mean for energy firms?

South Australia experiences negative electricity demand thanks to renewables

South Australia's gigawatt-scale grid reached zero demand on Sunday when the combined output of rooftop solar PV and other non-scheduled generators exceeded local customer load demands.

Q3 Report: King coal makes return amid Europe’s record gas prices

Record gas prices across Europe saw coal and lignite make up a greater share of Europe’s fuel mix than gas in the third quarter of 2021.
network tariffs

Efficient network tariffs: A must for the energy transition

Europe’s electricity networks need upgrading, however, the traditional approach of reinforcing and expanding the grid has drawbacks, especially regarding cost-efficiency.

Britain weighs recoupling with Europe’s electricity market

The government has initiated a consultation to improve cross-border trading with Europe following the Brexit decoupling from the common market.