Equipment & Technology

Webcast 30 March | HVO fuel for mtu power generation

Rolls-Royce with its product brand mtu has approved most of its gensets for use with paraffinic diesel fuels EN15940, including HVO fuel.


Robotic Snake concept

‘Robotic snake’ solves nuclear fusion pipework challenge

A ‘robotic snake’ developed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority has demonstrated its capability inside of fusion energy powerplant pipework.

Cutting repair times for wind turbines

After some wind turbines have completed more than a decade of service, continued reliability and efficiency are dependent on fast and effective repairs.

A new approach to predicting bearings failure

Detecting mechanical faults in bearings and machinery has long been recognised as being important for preventing catastrophic failure and effective maintenance planning.

Colombian dairy boosts energy savings with onsite solar park

Làƒ¡cteos la Esmeralda has achieved energy savings of up to 36% following the installation of a 669kWp ground-mounted solar park.

Webcast Recording: The role of industrial energy users in the Energy Markets

In this session, we will discuss the future value of flexibility, positive business cases and the mechanisms we need.
Global cogeneration coalition to put CHP in climate spotlight

Global cogeneration coalition to put CHP in climate spotlight

Members include CHP groups such as COGEN Europe and its counterparts in Brazil and Mexico, plus sector firms like INNIO, Kawasaki and 2G.