Strategic Development

Europe’s gas price cap is sending the wrong message – EFET

"We have a policy that is reducing the effectiveness of the market and is sending gas trading to locations outside the EU..." - Mark Copley, EFET.


New dynamics demand agility from fossil fuel power producers

As efforts to decarbonise the energy sector to address climate change are intensifying, political tensions and conflict in some parts of the world are adding to the uncertainty.

The green future for gas turbines

Gas turbines have a key role to play in stabilising affordability, security and sustainability in Europe’s energy sector, argues Christer Björkqvist of ETN Global.

Uniper’s net losses reach €40.4bn as gas crisis continues

Uniper has reported €40.4 bn net losses in the first nine months of the year against a €4.7bn loss recorded in the same period last year.

Rolls-Royce and Neste promote green fuels for diesel engines

German power solutions company Rolls-Royce and climate solutions firm Neste have partnered on the implementation of sustainable fuels for diesel engines.
wholesale gas prices

Europe’s wholesale gas prices continue record-breaking trend in Q3

Average wholesale gas prices in Q3 were 115% higher than the previous quarter, 18% higher than the previous average gas prices of Q1 2022.
DTEK statement on Ukraine energy sector

DTEK chief renews energy plea as missiles hit Ukraine power plants

In the wake of Russian volleys on the Ukrainian power sector, DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko held an online briefing Thursday