‘Destination 2050’ is the theme for POWERGEN International 2022

POWEGENà‚ International, the world’s largest power generation event,à‚ is pleased to announceà‚ its 2022 theme of Destination 2050 as well as partnerships with the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA), Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), Epicenter, and Green Hydrogen Coalition (GHC) for its 2022à‚ event taking placeà‚ January 26-28à‚ inà‚ Dallas, Texas.

For the first time, POWERGEN International will be co-located with DISTRIBUTECH International,à‚ the leading annual transmission and distribution event.à‚ 

“It’s clear that the future electricity generation mix is changing, but exactly how it will look is still unclear. Electricity industry executives are faced with the monumental task of balancing today’s energy needs while moving to tomorrow’s goal of net zero carbon emissions. Electric utilities and power generators must keep current assets running while integrating to the future generation mix of renewables, energy storage and more,” said Teresa Hansen, VP of Content for Clarion Energy. “This year’s Destination 2050 Conference Program will feature leaders from electric utilities and power generation companies who will present their strategies on turning aspirations into reality.”

The partnership with GHC will enhance the event’s coverage of Hydrogen and Decarbonization while the partnerships with CESA and EGSA will enhance coverage of energy storage and on-site power, all coming together to strengthen the generation mix to support the future of electricity. In addition, Epicenter will support the Initiate program, which fosters innovation from energy start-ups around the world. POWERGEN will offer member companies exposure to a broad range of energy education, including participation in the event’s content program through thought leadership, speaking opportunities and peer-to-peer discussion platforms. EGSA will also host a pavilion on the show floor featuring vendors and suppliers involved in on-site power.

“Power utilities are getting it from both sides and are under no illusion that the journey to a cleaner 2050 will be easy. They must ensure power resiliency and low cost and respond to both public and government demand for carbon reduction and more intermittent renewables on the system,” said Stephanie Kolodziej, Portfolio Director at Clarion Energy. “With support from CESA, EGSA, Epicenter and GHC, this year’s POWERGEN International will encompass blue-sky ideas from leaders from electric utilities and power generation companies on what the electricity industry will look like in the future and the best way to prepare for that future.”


About California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA):

CESA is the definitive voice of energy storage in California. At 100+ members strong, CESA is committed to advancing the role of energy storage in the electric power sector. CESA is a 501c(6) membership-based advocacy group. CESA is technology and business model-neutral and is supported solely by the contributions and coordinated activities of its members. Learn more at cesa.org.

About Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA):

EGSA is the world’s largest organization exclusively dedicated to On-Site Power Generation. The Association is comprised of over 750 companiesࢀ”Manufacturers, Distributor/Dealers, Contractors/Integrators, Manufacturer’s Representatives, Consulting & Specifying Engineers, Service firms, End-Users and othersࢀ”throughout the U.S. and around the world that make, sell, distribute and use On-Site Power generation technology and equipment. Learn more at egsa.org.

About Epicenter:

Epicenter believes in Innovation with Impact. Epicenter is all about the community consisting of more than 4000 company builders, entrepreneurs, change makers and rising stars of the tech scene. The Epicenter ecosystem prosper and members connect through its many community events and activities. Learn more at weareepicenter.com.

About Green Hydrogen Coalition (GHC): 

Founded in 2019, the GHC is an educational non-profit organization. The GHC focuses on building top-down momentum for scalable green hydrogen projects that leverage multi-sector opportunities to simultaneously scale supply and demand. The work of the GHC is supported by annual charitable donations. Learn more at ghcoalition.org.

About POWERGEN International: 

POWERGEN International is the world’s largest power generation event and the only US face to face experience to discuss in-depth the challenges faced by all energy stakeholders in this ever-changing, complex industry. Visit powergen.com for more information.

Organized by Clarion Energy, which is part of Clarion Events. With over 30 events that cover the oil, gas, power and energy sectors, Clarion Energy is one of Clarion’s largest portfolios. Learn more here: clarion-energy.com

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